22 Oct

Gratitude for Your Body & Brain

Gratitude for Your Body & Brain By Sherry Slejska Gratitude; a feeling of appreciation and one which good parents are quick to teach their children at a young age. While it might be the culturally appropriate auto reply we use to follow a welcomed exchange, it’s far deeper than a simple exchange. Gratitude is an acknowledgment of the good in one’s life. When we immerse ourselves in experiencing gratitude as opposed to a surface level expression, the experience...

22 Oct

Andrea: To Heal Is Truth & Peace

Andrea: To Heal Is Truth & Peace By A. Robins *Trigger warning I had no one to blame but myself. I’d asked my stepfather if I could sleep in a bed in his room while my mother was away. I’d just had a bath and was sitting on his lap. He tried to push my towel up to my thigh, but I wriggled and righted the towel. It was just another game. We had lots...