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14th Annual Transforming Trauma Conference

14th Annual Transforming Trauma into Triumph Conference Date: Wednesday May 15th, 2024  Time: 9:30am...

5 Steps Documentary Film

April 4, 2024 - On a night with the weather saying 'it...

Strategies to Manage Feelings of Shame and Guilt

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse often struggle with feelings of shame, which...

Empowering Survivors: Overcoming Shame and Guilt

Empowering Survivors into Overcoming Shame and Guilt  Written by: Beatriz Cruz, Social Service...


Every dollar you donate helps empower and bring healing to survivors, and helps spread awareness about the devastating impact of childhood sexual abuse to create healthier, stronger communities.


All Gatehouse volunteers are committed to the mission “A future where those impacted by childhood sexual abuse can heal and reclaim their voices.” Gatehouse volunteers are involved in many areas. They are the heart of our work.


The Gatehouse started its operations on June 20, 1998, and since then the Gatehouse has helped thousands including children, youth, and adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, heal and reclaim their voices

Thank you to our donors! Your support helps survivors find their voice, connect and heal.

The Gatehouse Mission

To provide support, community, and resources for individuals impacted by childhood sexual abuse.
Provide a range of both formal and informal support and outreach

Provide experiential learning opportunities for post-secondary students.

Community Capacity Building

Mobilize community capacity, strengths, and skills of volunteers.

Collaboration & Community Partnership

Increase service capacity through collaboration and partnerships, locally, nationally and internationally.

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

Facilitate knowledge creation and knowledge transfer.

Share Expertise

Share expertise to enhance community capacity and services for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Transformative Social Change

Collaborate with partners to promote transformative social change

2021 Service Statistics

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2022 Service Statistics

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