Celebrating 25 Years of Service: The Gatehouse’s Impact on Healing and Empowering Survivors – Since June 20, 1998

Photos by David Hou Photography IG david_hou_photography- All photos  available on our Fakebook Page 

Saturday, June 24th, 2023 – The Gatehouse commemorated 25 years of dedicated service. The Gatehouse www.thegatehouse.org stands as a beacon of hope and healing, transforming the lives of individuals impacted by childhood sexual abuse. Our unwavering commitment to our vision and mission has allowed us to create a future where survivors can reclaim their voices and find solace in a supportive community.

One of our core objectives has been to provide a range of both formal and informal support and outreach. Through our online and in-person programming, we have created an inclusive healing environment for survivors, offering a safe place to share their stories and begin the journey towards healing; ensuring that survivors have access to the support they need, no matter where they are in Canada. Collaboration and partnerships have been vital to expanding our service capacity. By forging partnerships with like-minded agencies locally, nationally, and internationally, we have strengthened our impact including most recently the establishment of the Survivors Council of Canada, being represented in a World Health Organization by  Gatehouse staff member Stewart Thompson whose story was featured in ISPCAN CSA/ WHO 2021Documentary: Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse/Sexual Violence Tell Their Stories: https://youtu.be/69AdLCg-NuA

We extend our gratitude to all the volunteers who were here in 1998 when it all began with a single person sharing their story with Arthur Lockhart, The Gatehouse Founder. We extend our gratitude to those volunteers, donors and supporters who said yes, we will show up, we will ask for support, we will stay up to 2am laying carpet, and painting the walls.

Over the past 25 years, The Gatehouse has been part of three transformational documentary films: “Into the Light,” Produced by Blair Locke, “Illuminating Silence,” by James Buffin and “5 Steps – The Gatehouse” by Blair Locke. These films raise awareness, educate communities, and amplify the voices of survivors. “Into the Light” showcases the first ever example of male survivors’ resilience and healing. “Illuminating Silence” confronts taboos and encourages dialogue on local, national, and international level. “5 Steps” provides a roadmap for healing and the impact of our work from the voices of survivors themselves who have experienced our life-affirming peer support programs. These films have sparked conversations, challenged norms, and inspired action. They are catalysts for change, empowering survivors and advocating for a more empathetic society. As we celebrate 25 years of service, we commend these films as powerful tools to educate, foster empathy, and support survivors on their healing journey.

As we reflect on 25 years of service, we acknowledge the resilience of survivors and the unwavering support of our dedicated staff, volunteers, placement students, sponsors, donors, supporters and community partners. The Gatehouse’s legacy of healing and empowerment will continue to flourish, creating a brighter future for all those impacted by childhood sexual abuse.

 On Saturday June 24, 2023, we acknowledged the energy of all that have made The Gatehouse a truly special place. A tree was planted to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Thank you to Stewart, Lloyd, Rob, Joe, Diane and all the amazing volunteers who are helping with the healing garden. Thank you to Lia Antonova, Dama Event Management for collaborating with Sheridan Nurseries who donated this beautiful tree that will flourish with all the good energy in the Healing Garden at The Gatehouse for all future generations to enjoy.