Healing the Inner Child  

Written By: Daniella Tucci, Practicum Student  

Every single person has an inner child. The inner child is a depiction of our true and authentic self. Unfortunately, those who have endured childhood sexual abuse (CSA) most often hide behind a false self. The image of the false self is created to protect ourselves from further physical and emotional pain, as well as suffering. By repressing our true self, feelings of sadness, depression, and grief can arise due to mourning our true self – our inner child.  

For survivors of CSA to reclaim our true self and help heal our inner child, we must undergo a nurturing process of healing, which can be rewarding as well as challenging. The topic of the inner child can be triggering as we dive into our past experiences, which can cause mind memories, as well as body memories of the abuse. At The Gatehouse, we provide a safe and open space where we can communicate our needs, comfort, and concerns so as a group we can support one another to overcome these barriers (when you are ready) and heal your inner child.   

Important Reminder: Everyone’s healing journey looks different. It is OK if your inner child needs more time and nurture to heal. It is important NOT to compare yourself to others.  

To enhance the process of personal growth and help you heal your inner child we focus on Reconnecting, Forgiving, & Healing. Each stage has different objectives and purposes to help support you find your true self. The opportunity to reconnect, forgive, and heal your inner child can be an empowering and liberating process. It allows you to rediscover and accept your inner child, so you may reclaim and live as your true self.  

An empowering tool to help support the healing process is the use of affirmations. Affirmations can be used to enhance self-love, respect, and confidence in oneself on their healing journey. Listed below are examples of affirmations to heal the inner child:   

You are a valuable and good person 

You did not deserve what happened 

You are not bad because of what happened 

You are not alone anymore 

Most often CSA survivors become so disconnected from their inner child that change seems impossible. Change is possible and healing their inner child is a part of that change. By providing a safe, open, and inclusive space where we can discuss the topic of the inner child, we hope we can help survivors find their true self again.  


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