Take Back Your Voice Poetry Workshop 2 – In-person

Thank you Trynelle Thomas for her commitment to the community. She led two poetry in-person workshops, September 22 and October 27, 2023, to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse learn and explore poetry as a healing medium.

Trynelle Thomas Break the Cycle – Take Back Your Voice Bio

Hi my name is Trynelle Thomas many people know me as “Nelly” I was born and raised in many different parts of Toronto. As a young adult I choose to be part of the social work and criminal justice line of work based on my own personal struggles and challenges as a woman of colour who has continued to face issues related to injustice care practices, early childhood sexual abuse, adult physical and sexually abuse, housing issues, and mental health.

From the early ages of my life, I faced sexual abuse by the hands of a family member and later experienced my first overdose. At the age of 17 I became homeless due to my reckless behaviour and trying to cope with the abuse around me.

With nowhere to go and not trusting the system I ended up living on the streets. Within my first couple of nights on the streets I got trafficked. I spent my time on the street being forced to do things and do drugs against my will. None of my family knew at the time because my mom thought I was living with my dad and my dad thought I was living with my mom. I faced a lot of pain while living on the streets and that feeling led to hopelessness.

Overtime I was able to get off the streets and ran away from my traffickers but unlike most women and children out there “I was the one that got away”. I was very lucky to have managed to escape the life I was living on the street and after long thoughts of not wanting to be back in the system as I was still under the age of 18. I went to go live with my dad at this point in my journey. This itself was a challenge as I continued to run away and get into trouble during my college years until I finally broke that “cycle “of acting in a trauma response way and turned my life around. Although in my young adult years I faced more sexual abuse and having to deal with the legal system I was able to choose a better life for myself. I graduated College then went on to University while working in the field of social work.

I finally had a stable roof over my head even though living with my father had its downfalls I had shelter. Although I struggled and still struggle with my trauma, I have a firm foundation of friends and family that care and love me. I have now been able to move out on my own and started my healing journey. I have created a small non-profit business for myself that focuses on motivational speaking and mental health workshops. Related to children, youth and adults that struggle with mental health and early childhood trauma. I hope to one day host my very own TED talk and share my life stories/ my poetry. I wish to own and create a place like a healing ranch for many to come and focus on their own healing pathways.

Contact Information
Website: www.tt2.net.in
Email: tt2workz@gmail.com
Phone: (647) 575-1052