Virtual Unpaid Student Placement Opportunities

Important Notice: As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, all in-person services are cancelled. All student placements are only being delivered remotely online at this time until further notice. 
We are currently only accepting applications for Spring 2023 virtual unpaid student placements starting in May 2023. There are only 6 spots left for May 2023 start.
  • May 2023 virtual unpaid student placement applications are currently due via email to Jasmine and Paula by Monday, April 1st, 2023, by 5:00 p.m. (EST) at the latest.

Please visit The Gatehouse website: periodically for any future news/updates with respect to our programs and services or kindly check this page periodically for any information regarding student placement updates.  Thank you.

The Gatehouse Virtual Unpaid Student Placement Opportunities:

The Gatehouse provides a cooperative learning placement to college and university students.  There are up to 10 students completing their placement at the Gatehouse per semester.  Students are involved in (but not limited to) organizing training conferences, conducting community awareness initiatives and assisting with social media projects, etc. Students interested in applying for a virtual unpaid student placement with The Gatehouse, please read The Gatehouse Virtual Unpaid Student Placement Description file. 

The Gatehouse Virtual Unpaid Student Placement Application Process: 

  1. Submit volunteer Volunteer Application Form to Jasmine and Paula.
  2. Submit a current resume and cover letter (in Word or PDF format) to Jasmine and Paula.  In your email message to Jasmine and Paula, please include your educational institution’s name, program title, number of semesters required for placement, number of hours required per semester, number days per week with which days are allocated to placement.
  3. Please ensure you have a Vulnerable Sector Check (V.S.C.) form from your local Police division.  The V.S.C. Forms are only required from confirmed placement students. Confirmed students will receive an official confirmation email from Paula/Jasmine. Thank you.
  4. Only those selected for group interviews will be contacted.

Kindly click here to download/read The Gatehouse Virtual Unpaid Student Placement Description file.

If you have any questions, please email Paula and Jasmine.  Thank you.