There is a poem:

Poem of Chance

The poem begins with:

“In the sweetened gallery of our hearts

there is a place we go, “

I believe

Charmaine Is the place we go

She is the one that will never end

Her story

Her story Illuminates Silence

Her story gave voice to those who had theirs’ ripped and smothered away

In Charmaine’s poem: Obstacles to Overcome she opens the gallery of our hearts with the words:

“When I stopped to listen to another, and another, and another that, it was in OTHER’S sharing where I rose to discover that;

Vulnerability is the GREATEST superhero trait to EVER expose

It breaks all barriers and causes a planet to shift!!!

A planet for sustainable transformational and positive change, possibilities and miracles!!”

So it is that Her story is the one we will always tell

Charmaine is the forever well-spring for the advocate, the person relentless in the pursuit of possible miracles that live eternal in the gallery of our hearts.

With love to Charmaine and her family.

Arthur Lockhart, Founder, The Gatehouse

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