Happy 20th #Anniversary to The Gatehouse. 

On Saturday, June 23, we hosted a BBQ to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Gatehouse! 55 people joined in on the festivities, enjoying some wonderful BBQ and cake! 

Powerful stories of how community collaboration, support, and effort brought to light the vision of Arthur Lockhart, Gatehouse founder. Members of the community shared their voice on how The Gatehouse impacted them and volunteers from the original re-construction in 1998 also shared the day with us! 

Thank you Arthur Lockhart and over 400 volunteers who made The Gatehouse possible! Since June 20th, 1998, The Gatehouse has been a safe palce for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to heal and reclaim their voices.

Thank you to all our staff, Stephanie Alves, Paula Cordeiro, Paul Dunn, Brad Hutchinson and Maria Barcelos! Thank you to our amazing #volunteers Stewart Thompson, Jay Smith and Board of Directors Co-Chair Rita Grenci on the grill! Thank you to our wonderful placement students Ashley Bowe, Caitlin McIntyre, Frial Saleem, Harpreet Kaur, Jenni Theriault, Katherine Lillico, Kelsey Leroux, Kesla Forsythe, Marta Antoszko, Nadia Konon, Reileigh Zohren & Stephen Oliver who have dedicated their energy and commitment to The Gatehouse. #toronto. Thank you to @bluetieride (www.bluetieride.ca) for spending the day with us and for your #support #metoocsa #awareness#community #stopcsa #mentalhealth #transformingtrauma

An equally awesome thank you to the 22 Division Rover team and PC Burgess who helped to make this a wonderful event!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Pavao Meats & Deli, Longos, San Remo Bakery & Cafe, Sorelle & Co., Tim Hortons, Weston Bakeries, Full Circle Art Therapy Centre, Blue Tie Ride, Centre for Mental Health Transformation, Neeti Jain, Photography, Toronto Police 22 Division Rover Team and PC Burgess!