What questions should I ask my inner child? 

Written by: Sienna Wallwork, Program Assistant, Bsc. Family & Community Social Services. (She/Her/Hers) 

It is important to try to connect with your inner child. This can help you understand yourself more, as well as understand where your behaviours and reactions come from. 

One good way to ask the following questions to your inner child (and have them answered), is to use a healing journal. A healing journal is a journal you will write these prompts/questions in, and have them answered as you write. 

It is important to keep in mind that inner child healing is a lengthy, and emotional process. At times it can be draining or even triggering. It is recommended to do this work with a solid support system around you, such as friends/partners/family, or even a therapist or counsellor to guide you. 

Before asking specific questions to your inner child, you can try to connect yourself to them by simply writing about memories from your childhood and how they made you feel. Once you have opened up this door to your inner child, start using these prompts to connect & uncover more about them. 

  1. How is your inner child feeling currently? 
  2. As a child, what did you always lack/were deprived of? 
  3. What is your inner child afraid of? 
  4. In what way is this affecting your life right now? 
  5. If you could say anything to your inner child, what would you say? 
  6. In what ways can you support your inner child now that you were unable to before? 

These prompts can help you feel more connected to your inner child, and they can start the healing process. It should be noted though that these can also be highly emotional prompts, so please remember to practice self care as you heal! 


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