Hello everyone.

I just this moment found myself thinking of you; sort of just being present with all that you have created over your time with the Gatehouse, and reflecting on how there are so many injustices in the world, and then HERE YOU ARE, people who give of their time to help people they may never ever meet; what an absolutely beautiful gift you are in this world.

Because of you, whatever your connection is to the Gatehouse-volunteer facilitator, group participant, funding partner, board member, student placement, someone who is just now reaching out to the gatehouse, you are creating a space for people to find their voice and truly begin a journey of self-discovery in ways that many people never thought possible.

Because of you people who have been silenced in some instances for decades are now speaking from a stance of wondrous strength; you have given rise to artists, poets, authors, facilitators, film-makers, people who are now creating their own organizations of support, you are creating ways for people to in a most subtle but profound way move out of darkness into a place of true healing.

I want to thank you for your spirit, your empathy, your time, your smile, the way you extend your hand to one other human being.

But most deeply, I just want to thank you for being you and for being here.

With deep affection
Arthur Lockhart