DATE: To be determined and will be hosted in October 2021. 

TIME: To be determined

WHERE; Queens Park, Toronto 

FOR EVENT UPDATES VISIT Facebook @centreformentalhealthtransformation Page and go to “Events“ – LOVERIN’S LAW LOBBY

COVID 100 ppl Max

Wear mask
Social Distance

What we need:  4 Marshall’s to help with crowd

You will be attending to show support for Loverins Law which is a request to mandate an Awareness & Prevention Week for Abuse Prevention in all Ontario Schools during the proclaimed month for Child Abuse Prevention

Current school policies describe under the safe schools and mental health policies; how educators are trained to identify and report abuse. The policies allow the OCAS signature “Dress Purple Awareness Day”  this event shows youth and students there is people are there to help.  The policy also is mandates education support for students on “inappropriate touching, neglect, healthy relationships, and bullying prevention. Neglect is not taught.

All the above policy mandates are important to sustain and……..

Students are NOT taught the actual life skills and language use of the word “Abuse”

At reading ages 5-7 kids CAN be appropriately be taught under the same context and content as “Stop” and “Danger “ the word “ Abuse”, same for more education on language use “ Healthy Boundaries”, “Trust” “Grooming”

Abuse is an empty word till it becomes learned context or an experience

8-12 years old and grades 3-6 CAN be taught the very important and different kinds of context and real language skills for abuse prevention like: verbal, emotional, physical, domestic violence, neglect and sexual

And 13+ grades 7+ CAN be educated on the cultural histories and advocacies for abuse prevention

This CANNOT be taught in ONE DAY, ALL SCHOOLS must MANDATE “Loverins Law” by implementing a full learning a week for abuse prevention education

It’s time!

Bring your advocacy boards demonstrating YOUR words why Loverins Law is important for you! Advocate from your position as survivor, or parent, or educator or worker!

Use above language if you want from the above or email Charmaine at

Expect Speakers from Education system, police forces, child protection agencies, parents, students and survivors!