Reading List

Reading List

This reading list follows the topics used in The Gatehouse’s 15-week Phase One Peer Support Group. It was designed to provide additional resources for adult survivors (18+) of childhood sexual abuse. The topics are as follows:

  • From Isolation to Belonging
  • Triggers, Dissociation, Flashbacks and Grounding
  • Anger and Emotional Regulation
  • Addictions
  • Inner Child
  • Loss and Grief
  • Boundaries
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Resiliency and the Sacred Path

These topics are all common struggles that adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse may face. While created following the topics of The Gatehouse’s Phase One group, this list can be used by any adults looking for reading material about childhood sexual abuse, including parents and supporters of survivors (see For Parents and For Supporters of Survivors).

PLEASE NOTE: The books listed are merely suggestions and should be read at the readers own discretion and judgement. Many of the books listed contain material that may cause emotional discomfort or distress and it is recommended that all individuals seek professional support while exploring these personal topics.

It is our hope that readers may find the books listed interesting and useful. However, we do want to note that some books listed, while considered classics in the field, may be slightly dated. There may be sections that involve information that is not as inclusive, or as up-to-date, as we would hope it would be. In recognizing that every individual is unique in their interest and needs, we would like to encourage readers to be critical while reading and choose which parts of each book may be useful for them and which parts may not be.

A description of each book is provided along with links for where you can borrow or purchase them. Where possible, links to audio versions of the books are also posted to provide alternative methods that may be easier accessed for those with hearing or learning difficulties. Some of the books posted can be accessed in The Gatehouse Library.


Full Reading List for Adult Survivors (PDF)

Full Reading List for Parents (PDF)

Full Reading List for Supporters of Survivors (PDF)