23 May

Understanding Shame: How Does Shame Affect Me? 

Understanding Shame: How Does Shame Affect Me?  Written by: Brooke Byers, Social Service Work Diploma, Practicum Student  The guilt brought on by the CSA’s subordination, authority, and control might make one feel: Self-blame for the mistreatment; Embarrassed by the abuse and their powerlessness to put a stop to it; A lack of self-worth and low self-esteem can lead to a cycle in which a survivor feels inferior, which can result in unpleasant situations that serve to...

23 May

Guilt and Shame Among Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Guilt and Shame Among Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse By: Selina Mattison, Social Service Worker Diploma, Practicum Student, The Gatehouse  Extreme shame and guilt are uncomfortable emotions that all survivors face. Two-thirds of children do not disclose their abuse. The shame caused by childhood sexual abuse can create a lack of self-worth and low...

23 May

Progress is a Circle 

Progress is a Circle  By: Elizabeth Jeroy – Community & Justice Services Practicum Student  Progress is a circle. I recently heard this quote on a podcast and it really resonated with me. There will be ups and downs but you have to keep pushing. The person was relating this to their feelings and confidence surrounding their body image but it occurred to me this could work for any area someone is trying to make progress in. 

06 Apr

Sacred Path The Importance of Connecting with Nature

Sacred Path and the Importance of Connecting with Nature  Written by Jasleen Chadha, Placement Student, Social Service Worker  Nature has been known to correlate with our emotions by helping with improving our well-being. The more we are exposed to it the better it improves our mood; however, some might find it hard to find that connection with nature as they might not have the right understanding of how nature and their well-being correspond to each other....

31 Mar

Resilience And The Sacred Path

Resilience & The Sacred Path In our program, we talk about The Sacred Path in the healing journey. The Sacred Path is an integrated approach to healing that focuses on the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirituality. For survivors of childhood sexual abuse, the trauma can have long-lasting effects on their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The Sacred Path provides a way to process these effects by incorporating practices that nurture all aspects of the...