Healing Your Inner Child 

Written By: Yeshi Lhamo, Yeshi Lhamo, She/Her/Hers, BA, Practicum Student, The Gatehouse,  

Individuals who have been sexually abused at a young age often carry a lot of heavy emotions. Healing the inner child is one of the most rewarding yet emotionally difficult processes that survivors engage with at The Gatehouse. There is no one answer, strategy, or solution to help an individual heal from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.  Everyone handles each situation differently; some express it, and some suppress it.

After-effects of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) can include: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Anger 
  • Self-directed rage  
  • Emotional numbness  

These are just a few of many, many aftereffects survivors of childhood sexual abuse face. When an individual faces such traumatic events in their life at such a young age, their inner child is often attached to negative or uncomfortable feelings such as feelings of betrayal, alone, neglected, and hurt.   

When an individual has been affected by CSA connecting with their inner child can be extremely hard as it allows one to be directly confronted by the wounds of their past. Specialists in inner child work suggest that “connecting with your inner child slowly, gently, non-judgementally, and compassionately” (Rape Recovery Center, 2019) is a positive way to start healing.  

Steps to Healing your Inner Child can include: 

  • Forgiving yourself  
  • Journaling  
  • Talking to someone you trust or a certified therapist  
  • Meditation  
  • Consistent use of Affirmation  
  • Setting Boundaries  

This is just a small list of how CSA survivors can heal their inner children slowly. Everyone is different, and even if they have experienced the same trauma, it is handled and felt differently. Even taking what may be considered a little step such as going for a walk, or journaling can all be micro tips into gradually healing your inner child. 


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