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Erin’s Law – Ontario BILL 123

To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS: Erin’s Law amends the Education Act to ensure every board shall develop a policy to engage their pupils annually in all
schools under their purview, in a developmentally appropriate manner, regarding the topics of child sexual abuse prevention and
reporting, including age-appropriate techniques to recognize child sexual abuse and tell a trusted adult.

WHEREAS: Each board is also required to provide information annually on these topics to parents and guardians, as well as teachers and
other staff in schools.

WHEREAS: to ensure the workforce is prepared it will include:
-Building upon the mandatory sexual abuse prevention training introduced in September 2022, the zero tolerance for sexual abuse policy
by the Ontario College of Teachers and the Health and Physical Education curriculum introduced in 2019; and
-Personnel curriculum must cover the warning signs of child sexual abuse and mandated reporting, how to appropriately respond to
disclosure, how to talk to parents, and how to speak to students about child sexual abuse prevention.

WHEREAS: Every board shall ensure that information respecting child sexual abuse prevention and reporting, including information on
available counselling and resources for children who are sexually abused, is available to all parents and guardians of pupils enrolled in
schools of the board; and