Transforming Trauma 2021 | A Virtual Event

Our 11th Annual Transforming Trauma into Triumph Conference, which took place during National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, Monday, November 15 to Friday, November 19th, 2021.  was centered around the theme of “The Power of Collaboration.” As part of National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, we came together as a community to recognize the tremendous courage, sincere commitment, and resiliency that survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) have demonstrated and shared with others at our amazing event. I continue to be grateful and blessed to witness the wonderful dedication, compassion, and empathy to empowering survivors to reach out for support, make meaningful long-lasting connections, and transform their lives for the better.

The Conference featured 21 featured sessional speakers, 12 webinar presentations! This event gathered social agencies, first responders, and survivors of trauma to exchange ideas and evidence-based approaches to prevent and treat the symptoms and impact of childhood sexual abuse.

Thank you to Jasmine Lem, Program Assistant, for your tremendous support in co-organizing, social media content creation, and communications for this event. Thank you to the wonderful speakers including Arthur Lockhart, Paula Cordeiro, Sabra Desai, Stewart Thompson, Ashtyn Ford, Avdeep Bahra, Deb Maybury, Sheri Jackson, Catherine Jun, Andrea Robin Skinner, Kaitlyn Axelrod, Miranda Pecoraro, Carrie George, Lindsay Lobb, Lucie Bruneau, Margaret McKinnon, Kelsey Leroux, Nicola Yoga, Jessica Field, and Rob Hawkings. Thank you to Amy Miranda and Lunch for their support with marketing for this event. Thank you to organizations supporting the event including Voice Found, Sheena’s Place, Black Women in Motion, Full Circle Art Therapy Centre, The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, and Wick Poetry Centre.

I acknowledge the tremendous excellent efforts it takes to organize and deliver our annual event. I and honoured to work alongside wonderful and dedicated staff, volunteers, donors, and courageous survivors. I am profoundly inspired by the meaningful connections made, everyone’s valued insights shared, and discussions surrounding how CSA is impacting survivors on a worldwide level. The dream of extending The Gatehouse to many other communities continues.

We cannot do this work without financial support. Donate today to support The Gatehouse. You are helping to save and transform lives for the better. I look forward to seeing you next year at our 12th Annual Transforming Trauma Conference.

Maria Barcelos, MA, Executive Director
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

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This event was funded by the Victims Fund, grants, and contributions program administered by the Department of Justice Canada. Funds are available to provinces, territories, and non-governmental organizations for programs and services that give victims and survivors of crime a more effective voice in the criminal justice system. For more information about the Victims Fund, please visit: More information on Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, visit: