For Children

Welcome to this special section especially for you!

Do you have a secret, is someone hurting you? Sometimes it can be hard to talk about what is happening to you – you may feel scared, confused, worried about what will happen if you do tell someone. Here is some information that can help you and give you support and advice. There are different stories you can read and listen to that are written especially for you.

Sasha Bear and his friends are here to share with you what to do to get help and who can help you and talk about some of the feelings you may be having.


Hey there, what’s going on?

Not much. I don’t really feel like talking today. Do you ever not want to talk to anyone?

Yeah, I know that feeling. I went to The Gatehouse and I didn’t really feel like talking to anyone either

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I had a secret that kept me for a while. I don’t know who to tell or how to tell anyone.

I read Mia’s Secret which talks about a girl who also tries to keep a secret. She eventually told someone she could trust, like her Mom.

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Hi, my name is Sally. I like playing outside, especially when the sun is shining and I can see the birds playing in the sky.

Recently, I have a worry that seems to always follow me around when I am playing. This worry won’t let me stop thinking about something bad

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A long time ago something bad happened to me and I still haven’t forgotten about it. Even though I shared what happened, I still think about it sometimes.

I now live with a different family. They are really nice, but I still think about my old family.

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Before I first told someone what happened to me, I got that scared feeling in my tummy. I didn’t know how anyone was going to react. I didn’t know if they were going to get upset at me.

Two police officers brought me to The Gatehouse.

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I came to The Gatehouse a few months ago. After I told my story of what happened to me, I am starting to learn that it’s not my fault. I feel better that I told and don’t feel ashamed anymore.

I used to think everything was my fault and used to feel shy.

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