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31 Mar

Poetry And The Sacred Path

Poetry & The Sacred path April is Poetry Month! Poetry can be an important tool on the sacred path of healing from childhood sexual abuse. You don’t have to have a degree in English Literature to write a poem. Many survivors at The Gatehouse, have expressed that they are not poets or have a fear of writing. Start with one word to describe you or your day. That one powerful word can then turn into two or...

31 Mar

The Sacred Path and Asking for Help and Overcoming Shame

The Sacred Path – Asking for Help and Overcoming Shame Asking for help is an important part of the Sacred Path. Many survivors may feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help, or they may feel that they should be able to handle their healing journey on their own. However, asking for help can be a powerful act of courage and vulnerability, and can be an essential step toward healing.  Overcoming shame associated with asking for help...

31 Mar

The Sacred Path & Staying Present – Survivors and Support Persons

The Sacred Path & Staying Present – Survivors and Support Persons Staying present is an important aspect of dealing with situations that activate emotional responses for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It means being fully aware and engaged in the current moment, without being overwhelmed by memories or emotions from the past. One way to stay present is to practice mindfulness, which involves paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without judgment. This can...

22 Mar

Creativity & Healing the Inner Child

Creativity & Healing – Exploring the Inner Child By: Umair Memon, Gatehouse Placement Student Addiction & Mental Health   We spend three weeks on ‘Inner Child’ in the Peer Support Phase 1. As the sexual abuse took place when we were children, importance is given in exploring inner child work. This is an expansive topic and individuals can choose to spend considerable time doing inner child work outside of group as the three weeks can still not be...

22 Mar

Healing Through Curiosity 

Healing Through Curiosity  By Donneka Getten-Kerr, Placement Student, The Gatehouse, Social Service Worker   According to the Canadian Psychological Association, (n.d.), approximately 76% of Canadians report experiencing a traumatic event during their lifetime. So, it’s safe to say many people experience trauma at some point in life, at different degrees and extent of course. However, one thing for certain, it makes an impact on your life. It changes you. It may even stay with you for a while....