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18 Nov

How Do I Support My Partner/Friend? 

How Do I Support My Partner/ Friend?  By: Eden Deak, Practicum Student, The Gatehouse  Has a friend or partner come to you, entrusting you with their story? Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when supporting a survivor.  Based on my experience, using empathetic listening, trust-building, patience, and positive language helped me become a supportive friend when I was entrusted with their story.   When your partner comes to you for support, it is essential to understand...

18 Nov

How to Set Healthy Boundaries  

How to Set Healthy Boundaries   By: Ikjot Sandhu, Practicum Student, The Gatehouse   Over the developmental years of a child’s life, there are many things a child will learn and skills a child will develop. One of the skills that is vital for children to learn in the early years of their lives is boundary setting. Boundaries are limits and rules an individual sets for themselves in different areas of their life to protect their own mental...

10 Nov

Understanding and Releasing Anger 

Understanding & Releasing Anger  Written By: Daniella Tucci, Practicum Student   What is anger? According to the American Psychological Association anger is an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something that you feel has done wrong to you (n.d.).  To understand the emotion of anger we need to recognize that anger is a secondary feeling that follows other feelings. This means that depending on the situation oftentimes we might feel shocked, upset, scared, amongst other feelings, which...

10 Nov

Grooming: Recognizing the Signs

Grooming: Recognizing the Signs Written by: Anonymous The effect of childhood sexual abuse carries long-lasting consequences for survivors. Consequences that rob a child and/or adult of their potential. A survivor’s life can be impacted far later in life or early on. While I am not a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I am a survivor of repeated sexual abuse.  I just turned 18, and he was 25. I was groomed. Being groomed is a process...

18 Oct

Stephanie Alves Resignation

Dear Gatehouse Community, I am reaching out to you all today to announce the resignation of Stephanie Alves, Women’s Program Coordinator. Her last day at The Gatehouse is October 21, 2021. Stephanie is leaving due to being offered a position with another organization. Since Stephanie joined The Gatehouse team in 2013, she has been a valuable and well-respected member of our team, bringing a “hit the ground running” attitude, with empathy, compassion, and kindness in her...