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05 Apr

Transforming Trauma Conference 2022

Join us for the 12th Annual Transforming Trauma Conference Transforming Trauma 2022 | A Virtual Event The Gatehouse and community partners are once again pleased to organize the Transforming Trauma Conference from Monday, May 16 to Thursday May 19, 2022. This year it’s again gone virtual! With panels, presentations, and workshops, this event will bring together mental health services, first responders, and survivors of trauma to exchange ideas and evidence-based approaches for the prevention and...

28 Feb

Helping Your Survivor Partner in Their Healing Journey  

Helping Your Survivor Partner in Their Healing Journey   By: Kristy Webber, Practicum Student, The Gatehouse   Often, survivors of childhood sexual abuse struggle with issues of trust, intimacy, and triggers along with feelings of guilt and shame. If you’re in a relationship with a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, it may be challenging to know how to support them on their healing journey.   Firstly, educating yourself about the impacts of childhood sexual abuse can go a...

28 Feb

Healing the Inner Child  

Healing the Inner Child   Written By: Daniella Tucci, Practicum Student   Every single person has an inner child. The inner child is a depiction of our true and authentic self. Unfortunately, those who have endured childhood sexual abuse (CSA) most often hide behind a false self. The image of the false self is created to protect ourselves from further physical and emotional pain, as well as suffering. By repressing our true self, feelings of sadness, depression, and...

28 Feb

How to Recognize When A Boundary Has Been Broken  

How to Recognize When A Boundary Has Been Broken   By: Ikjot Sandhu, Practicum Student  Over the developmental years of a child’s life, there are many aspects of socialization they will go through. One developmental skill that is vital for children to learn in these early years of life is boundary setting. Boundaries are limits and rules an individual set for themselves in different areas of their life to protect their own mental health. Some of these...