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08 Sep

Strategies for Addressing Trauma-Related Stress 

Strategies for Addressing Trauma-Related Stress  By Amy Tai, Community and Criminal Justice (diploma), Program Assistant  It is typical for a person to experience a traumatic event at least once in their lifetime.  As a result, many people will experience severe stress which is a normal reaction to traumatic events. In the days and weeks that follow, it is common for people to experience a whirlwind of unanticipated emotions and physical symptoms, such as, feeling nervous, jumpy,...

08 Sep

Emotion Regulation – CSA Survivors  

Emotion Regulation – CSA Survivors   By Amy Tai, Community and Justice Services (diploma), Program Assistant  The ability of a person to properly control and deal with an emotional experience is referred to as emotion regulation. The majority of us employ a range of emotion control techniques and are skilled at adapting them to various circumstances in order to meet the demands of our environment (Rolston & LLoyd-Richardson, n.d.). However, for people who have experienced a traumatic...

08 Sep

Naming Uncomfortable Feelings and How to Manage Them 

Naming Uncomfortable Feelings and How to Manage Them   Written by: Sienna Wallwork, Completing BSC. Family & Community Social Services and Social Service Worker Diploma, Program Assistant  The first step to being able to manage and regulate your emotions is being able to name them. Once you are able to identify them, it becomes much easier to manage them. Naming our emotions is the first step to bridging the gap between thoughts and feelings, and it can...

08 Sep

Building Self Compassion 

Building Self Compassion  Written By: Amy Tai, Community and Criminal Justice (diploma), Program Assistant  How significant would your connection be if you were to embark on a multi-decade journey with someone? Wouldn’t you try to make sure you got along with each other? Wouldn’t you want to ensure that your connection with your partner was a good one? This should be no different when the person you are on a journey with is yourself. So far,...

01 Sep

How do I know my inner child needs healing?

How do I know if my inner child needs healing?  Written by: Sienna Wallwork, Program Assistant, Bsc. Family & Community Social Services. (She/Her/Hers)  The simplest way to explain the inner child is that it is a version of our past selves we still carry with us. Whether you have been aware of it up until now or not, we all have an inner child. Even if you do not feel connected to it, it is there....