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13 May

Art Therapy Webinar

Register Here   Art Therapy Intro Workshop Date & Time: Monday, June 14, 2021 04:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) Cost: $40 (CDN)   Description: Workshop Description: 1 Hour The Introduction to Art Therapy Workshop will help participants explore the possible benefits of art therapy firsthand through guided exercises by a trained Art Psychotherapist. The focus of the art therapy exercises will be...

06 May

Annual General Meeting – Thurs. June 24 at 4pm-5:30pm EST on Zoom

Good day, The Gatehouse Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Thursday, June 24th from 4 pm – 5:30 pm EST via Zoom online meetings. In order to vote at the AGM, your membership fee for 2021 must be paid.  Register to confirm your attendance here Agenda:  Providing an overview of 2020 activities Review and approval of financials Voting-in of Board members. Musical performance by Daniella Zarubica...

28 Apr

Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Survivors’ Sexual Behaviours. Psychological Functioning & Cognitive Development Excerpts from a research report written By: Camila Ruiz Tacha, Previous Placement Student, The Gatehouse, 2019  Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is a prevalent issue in society, in which 8% to 31% of girls and 3% to 17% of boys have been sexually abused (Cited in Vrolijk-Bosschaart, Verlinden, Langendam, De Smet, Teeuw, Brilleslijper-Kater, and Lindauer, 2018). “Sexual abuse occurs when a person uses his/her...

28 Apr

Inner Child: A Visitor From the Past

Hello, fellow survivors!! I am a survivor and am taking part in the phase one peer support program at The Gatehouse. Since we began, we’ve discussed topics such as anger, addiction, and triggers. This week: the sixth session, was the first of three sessions that focus entirely on our “Inner Child.” I looked over the entire program when we first received it, but I had forgotten about this part of it, and it caused just a...

28 Apr

Parenting During the Pandemic

Parenting during the Pandemic By: Maria Barcelos, MA, Executive Director, The Gatehouse & Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) The pandemic has been emotionally and psychologically exhausting. I recently read an article through the New York Times and a statement in there resonated with me “parenting through grief.” This is how I felt, and I know many more felt this way too. If being a parent was not difficult enough already at times while trying to address childhood...