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Help The Gatehouse get to 1000 monthly donors to keep The Gatehouse services available for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Donate $20.20 a month to helps us continue to provide lifesaving peer support programs that enable survivors to find their voice, share their story, build resilience and a sense of belonging.

As a community, The Gatehouse needs your support. Please donate today and if possible share this message on your social media with the campaign link to help us raise awareness.

One in three girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before the age of 18.

As the whole world is quarantined to be safe, not everyone is truly safe at home. World Health Organization Joint Leader statement on Covid-19 Pandemic said, “Efforts to contain the coronavirus are vital to the health of the world’s population, but they are also exposing children to increased risk of violence – including maltreatment, gender-based violence, and sexual exploitation.”

In 2018, in Ontario alone, there were 148,536 child abuse investigations; children between the ages of 0 and 15.

This means that at this very moment, a child is experiencing the worst moment in their life.  These children will grow up. They will blend into society and hold their secret every day. They will have nightmares and problems trusting people. Their sense of self was robbed and they are highly likely to become addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex. They will hate themselves and are at higher risk of suicide, addictions, and potential involvement with the justice system.

We cannot always stop the abuse, but we can help heal it so that people can go on to enjoy life and be a positive part of society. That’s a story changer. That is what happens at where adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse find healing, community, and support.

In unprecedented times like this, we also need organizations like The Gatehouse, now more than ever. The Gatehouse started its operations on June 20, 1998. It is a unique community based charitable organization whose mission is to provide supports, resources, and community to those impacted by childhood sexual abuse

Let’s help The Gatehouse keep their doors open to support adults who were sexually abused as children to have opportunities to find their authentic self and heal their inner child. To become a wonderful partner and parent who enjoys their job, loves and protects their family and contributes to their community.

Your monthly donation is what will make this happen.  “The Gatehouse has transformed and continues to shift my life in so many ways. Childhood trauma is an unfortunate reality in many people’s lives and to have a place to feel a sense of safety and belonging is not only vital in the healing process but also necessary. I feel so honoured to have been a participant, volunteer and now a community partner with The Gatehouse.” – Previous participant & Community Partner,

Please help us to continue the healing and donate today.

Even a small amount every month helps.

Donate at:

Our Executive Director, Maria Barcelos is sharing on social media about the impact of childhood sexual abuse and walking 2 miles per day with a personal goal of walking 120 miles by the end of August, inviting others to get moving, reconnecting with their bodies and unpacking shame associated with body image that many survivors experience. Check out our social media pages for updates! Share #alleyeson2020 campaign link, use hashtag #thegatehousetoronto and tag us to show support for survivors!

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Thank you for your support!

Day 2! 116 Miles to go! #stopchildabuse I've started 60 days of 2 miles (3.2km) walking daily (or cycling) with a goal of 120 miles or 193 KM by end of August to raise awareness about the impact of #childhoodsexualabuse and funds to support the work of The Gatehouse #thegatehousetoronto as survivors often experience #bodyimageissues and increased #shame Please donate one time or monthly, walk, cycle, or share posts. Start your own walking team. You are helping to save lives. Sign up at and ask others to donate one time or monthly to help to continue providing much-needed peer support groups for survivors. #alleyeson2020 #thegatehousetoronto #healthyliving #bodycare #bodygoals #jpsteam #walking #fundraiser #stopcsa #StopChildAbuse #JPsTeamDay 2 Shoutout to Voice Found for the great work they do in #ottawa too!

Posted by Maria Fatima on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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