Vision, Mission and Objectives


Our Vision:
A future where those impacted by childhood sexual abuse can heal and reclaim their voices
Our Mission:
To provide support, community, and resources for individuals impacted by childhood sexual abuse.
Provide a range of both formal and informal support and outreach.

• Provide a safe, inclusive and healing environment for those impacted by childhood sexual abuse
• Provide a child-friendly environment, resources and support enabling Police and Child Welfare Workers to interview individuals and families when child abuse is suspected
• Provide peer support groups, information and community support resources for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
• Provide web-enabled strategies for services and support
• Provide outreach that communicates our vision, mission, objectives, and services locally, nationally and internationally

Mobilize community capacity, strengths, and skills of volunteers

• Recruit and train volunteers who provide leadership and mentoring
• Celebrate the valuable contributions and effectiveness of our direct service volunteers

Increase service capacity through collaboration and partnerships, locally, nationally and internationally.

• Develop and nurture partnerships with others in the field to increase service capacity
• Collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure a seamless service response
• Collaborate with partners to promote transformative social change

Facilitate knowledge creation and knowledge transfer

• Sharing evidence-based best practices through workshops, conferences, educational and networking events
• Create training resource materials and share expertise to enhance community capacity and services for survivors of childhood sexual abuse •Provide experiential learning opportunities for post-secondary students

 ‘It’s so hard to convey what the Gatehouse is and what happens there. It’s a place where everyone’s voice can be heard. It sounds so simple, and maybe that’s the beauty of the programs and people at the Gatehouse; when your voice gets heard, you can begin to heal.’ – Adult program participant